How I do my Energy Healing & Spiritual Counseling

I am from India and a Hindu by birth. Since my childhood, I have studied religion with an empirical understanding of its esoteric traditions. I am a psychologist by training, with a doctoral degree. However, in understanding people's particular predicaments and by assisting them in the process to overcome their ailments, my natural intuitive abilities have played a far more essential role than the theories and methodologies that I learned in academic psychology.

We human beings are not just the gross physical body. I know from experience that we are all integrated beings comprised of the gross body, subtle bodies, and a spiritual entity (soul), all of which exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions of being. There is a constant interchange of vital energies (prana) across these dimensions. A well-balanced flow of vital energies throughout these bodies is essential for the good health of the body, mind and spirit. The root causes of physical and psychological ailments are often found not merely in the gross physical body, but, more fundamentally, in higher shields.

My role as a healer and as a spiritual counselor is to perceive a client's energy conditions, and to assist in restoring a well-balanced smooth flow of vital energies. Once this is achieved, the client ideally should regain a sense of well being, should feel free of illness, as well as feel happy and refreshed. I perform healings by following guidance from higher realms and by applying my learnings from Reconnective Healing, Pranic Healing and Spiritual Counseling, whichever is most suitable for the particular condition of the client. At the moment I give spiritual consutations via email in order to bring a bright smile surrounded by radiance and love that emanates from the universe and from our God above, regardless of what religion you follow, or not.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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Dr. Sailaja Pasupuleti

Since childhood, I have believed that we are all interconnected and that life is an ever-flowing process of divine energies.

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The Universe is filled with loving intelligent living energy.
We are all interconnected and part of it.
Get blessed by the loving prana of the universe.

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